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Omni Fusion quickly enables the "fusion" of content and data from a wide variety of CRM and other systems and sources to seamlessly deliver powerful selling tools directly to your sales team. Omni Fusion uses a powerful content publishing engine to format the content for use on a variety of devices, from mobile tablets and smartphones to laptop and other computers.

Omni Flow

Omni Fusion for Advanced Data Merge


Omni Flow is a powerful workflow automation platform that specializes in the automation of data collection and other repetitive tasks. This power is used to automatically pull information from your CRM system, CMS systems, customer web sites, and other Internet sources, and provide that information to Omni Fusion to create customer specific sales content. Omni Flow integrates with a vast array of different systems, including Salesforce.com, LinkedIn, Google Alerts, and even your own custom internal systems.

Omni View


Omni View is a comprehensive productivity solution for your sales team that leverages the power of Omni Fusion and Omni Flow. Omni View eliminates the time your sales reps spend digging through CRM, the Internet, and other content, by automatically delivering or "pushing" easy-to-use consolidated content directly to them. What's more, it delivers at the perfect time based on scheduled meeting dates or other triggers.

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Omni View for Sales Teams

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Learn more about how Omni View can help you sell more and other ways our Omni Fusion and Omni Flow platforms can increase the efficiency of your business.

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